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Published: June 3, 2022

Vision Therapist

Kitchener, ON, Canada | Full Time

Visual Sense Eye Care

Full Time, permanent position.

Are you interested in a position in a professional clinical setting where you work one-on-one with children and adults, helping them to achieve their best through vision therapy?

We are a family-focused Optometry office, passionate about providing comprehensive eye care to individuals of all ages with a main emphasis on vision therapy and rehabilitation, concussion, pediatrics and low vision. Our patients come to us to develop their vision, and to restore or improve their visual performance and function.

No previous training or experience in vision therapy is required. Comprehensive on-the-job training will be provided. You will be working with young children, individuals with developmental learning delays, adults with traumatic brain injuries, adults with eye turns or "lazy eye", and athletes with visual issues. Experience in working with children is preferred. We are looking for a motivated individual that has a passion for helping others and has an attitude of learning.

You will be Responsible to:

· Provide excellent patient-centred care and a positive customer experience.

· Provide quality vision therapy (VT) sessions for our VT patients for the entire scheduled time of their session.

· Motivate patients and parents throughout their progress in vision therapy.

· Administer perceptual and visual testing for therapy.

· Communicate progress or concerns with patients and/or parents of patients.

· Prepare for vision therapy sessions, including equipment and instruction sheets.

· Speak with or meet with teachers or other professionals involved in a patient’s care.

· Explain fees and policies and schedule patients for their vision therapy sessions and progress evaluations.

Required Skills:

· Good communication skills, able to use diplomacy in dealing with patients, adaptable, approachable and willing to learn.

· Able to multi-task, using time management, organizational and problem-solving skills to work independently in a fast-paced environment

· Excellent computer and internet skills, including Microsoft Office, with a knowledge of navigating and posting to social media

To apply, please send your résumé to Visual Sense Eye Care is committed to equitable treatment of all individuals in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code. We are committed to accommodating any individual needs in all employment practices. Please let us know if you require any accommodations to ensure that you can participate fully and equally during the recruitment and selection process.


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