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Published: August 7, 2022


Orillia, ON, Canada | Full Time

Orillia Optometry

Orillia Optometry is seeing a motivated office manager to join our exceptional team. Attention to detail is required due to the clinical nature of the office. Strong verbal & written communication skills, friendly, and able to manage stress while busy will be key requirements. Comfortable with computers and able to learn new software is required. Experience will be an asset. Hours will include Monday through Friday with 1 or 2 evenings per week. Please forward your resume with a cover letter to

Job Overview

Human Resources: Participate and coordinate to hire, train, and coach staff to become a highly motivated and engaged optometric team.
Operations: Oversee general day to day operations of Orillia Optometry to maintain our high professional standards of operations and patient service.
Finance: monitor office cash flow, track financial KPI’s & ensure financial integrity.
Marketing: Implement & launch marketing programs as provided and encourage staff participation.
Communications: Ensure clear communication between staff and doctors.

Following are some favourable characteristics we aspire to have in our management team.
Excellent team builder and respected leader.
Firm, consistent, and fair.
Problem solver.
Detail oriented, good with metrics.
Professional and loyal to practice.
Collaborative and good communicator.
Good listener and empathetic.


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