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Published: October 5, 2022


Kamloops, BC, Canada | Full Time

Northshore Kamloops Optical Centre Ltd.

Northshore Kamloops Optical Centre is a newly renovated private Optical business.

The location is at the North Shore of Kamloops where is a busy commercial center. We have nice surroundings and neighbors who are doing all kinds of business. It is a safe and nice place to work.

We are professional, creative, positive. Our goal is to organize a team of specialists, offer a professional vision service to the local people.

We are ready offering all of the equipment need for the eye examinations, including the Huvitz, All in one OCT with ocular fundus Map. The Reliance 7900IC instrument stand, EC600 patient exam chair, Essilor MPH150 manual phoroptor, and the Huvitz HS50005 BQ style slit lamp which are new and have outstanding function.

Our office is well decorated with modern and fashion style. It is a nice cozy working place.

we have EMR management system which is very easy to use and more convenient for ordering products, billing, and having appointments.

We are Looking to hire a full-time or part-time optician who has awesome people communicate skills. Licensed for Optician and Contact lenses, Experience in fitting contact lens.

  • Emphasis on profession and customer care
  • Examine visual acuity and sight test that prescribe a refraction.
  • Skillful on operating equipment for the pre-test eye examination.
  • Skillful on Computer and EMR software.
  • Must be licensed to practice in Canada or USA.
  • Licensed for fitting contact lenses
  • 8 hours shift (can be less)

Job Type: Full-time or part-time

    Work Location: One location

    Please contact: , office phone: 1-250-376-2202


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