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Published: January 16, 2023

Practice Optometry the Way You Choose

Kamloops, BC, Canada | Full Time

Ebata Eye Care

Practicing optometry at Ebata Eye Care allows for a perfect balance of personal and professional time. We are an independently owned clinic that has been serving the interior of BC for over almost 50 years. Our mandate is to be a leader in the eye care industry and above all else provide the best possible care for our patients. We have an excellent working relationship with healthcare providers in our community and receive referrals from local ophthalmologists, family physicians and pharmacists. Our clinic is one of the top-rated optometric clinics in the city and voted the best optometrist by the residents of Kamloops. Choose your own working hours and easily earn $150, 000+ while doing it. Enjoy the freedom to practice on your own terms while having the support of a fantastic team to guide you. Whether your goal is to pay off student debt, travel, or just enjoy life, it is all possible with us.

Our brand new, modern, practice is currently under construction with an approximate opening in summer of 2023. We are currently booking 5 months out with one optometrist, so there is a full patient load already built for you. We would love to chat with you further about the position. When you are ready, send your CV and cover letter to


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